An Alert Army

September 15th, 2016

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Judges 7:1-14

It is clear in the stories of Gideon and the other judges that it is God who gives the victory. In fact, God told Gideon that if Gideon were to bring a mighty army, the people would believe that they had accomplished the task by themselves (Judges 7:2). God told Gideon that the 32,000 men who reported for battle were too many. He sent home 22,000 who were fearful. Then God said the 10,000 left were still too many. In a test at the river, 300 lapped up water like dogs. These were the men God chose. It needed to be clear that the victory was God’s, not theirs.

God cannot use those who are paralyzed by fear. He cannot use those whose confidence is placed in their own power, skill, and wisdom. God still uses unlikely folks like Gideon–folks like us. Still, we must be aware of God’s call, attentive to His will, and alert to the needs and opportunities around us. Then, what He accomplishes through us will be to His glory, not ours. He wins the victory.

Author: John M. Nielson

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