A Heaven-Sent Encouragement

September 14th, 2016

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Judges 6:25-40

We can probably identify with Gideon. We see ourselves as unlikely leaders. We know our weaknesses and fears. We have trouble believing that the nudging voice is from God. There are three insights from Gideon’s story that will help us.

First: God expects our exclusive worship, loyalty, and allegiance. Gideon removed an altar to Baal, used an Asherah pole for firewood, and killed one of his father’s bulls for the sacrifice. If God is going to use us, we must demonstrate loyalty to Him alone.

Second: God understands our fears. Fear is an important part of our personalities; it is the companion of courage. Those without fear need no courage. Those without courage are paralyzed by fear. We see both Gideon’s fear and courage.

Third: God understands our uncertainty and need for reassurance. Gideon asked for signs. God did not reprimand him. God obliged him time and again.

Author: John M. Nielson

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