Missing The Test

August 30th, 2016

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Judges 2:1-15

It had been a very busy semester. I had prepared diligently for final exams. I had copied my exam schedule from the bulletin board. I had two tests that day, back to back. I finished one and sprinted to the next room. When I entered, I recognized no one. The chalkboard indicated this was the final for another course. This was the right room, but why was it wrong? Returning to the bulletin board I found my mistake. I had the right room and time, but the wrong day. My test had been given the day before! I pleaded my mistake, paid my fine, and was allowed to take the test. I passed, but that experience still haunts my dreams.

Israel, sadly, didn’t recognize the test when it came. Instead of remaining faithful to the covenant, they adopted the ways of their neighbors–even worshiping their neighbors’ gods. They failed miserably. Yet the Lord used their failure as an opportunity to call them back. Israel would be tested many times, but ultimately, they were never abandoned.

Author: Duane Brush

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