The Geography Of Grace

August 29th, 2016

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Judges 2:1-15

The first two chapters of Judges set the course for the rest of the book. The “angel of the LORD” journeyed from Gilgal to Bokim (2:1-5). Gilgal was where Israel camped after crossing the Jordan. Joshua set up the monument of 12 stones there, marking God’s faithfulness in bringing them into the land (Joshua 4:19ff.). Bokim, meaning “weepers,” was perhaps near Bethel, where the ark of the covenant was kept at this time. The angel’s journey reflected Israel’s journey: from blessedness and victory to sorrow and weeping.

God is looking for a people to call His own. People who will display His holy love and faithfulness before a fallen world. However, generations spiral into apostasy, patterning their lives after their pagan neighbors, opening themselves up to the suffering and sorrow that sin inevitably brings.

The good news is that God remains faithful. He hears the cry of His fallen people. When they turn back to Him, the Lord is there, ready to bring redemption and restoring grace. He still is. Hallelujah!

Author: Duane Brush

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