Godly Wisdom Is Blessed

August 16th, 2016

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Proverbs 29:1-16

We do crave our heroes. We want to see the good guy or gal win. Proverbs 29 provides a contrast between good and bad. If one makes wrong or sinful choices, the consequences are destructive. The Old Testament Book of Proverbs tells us we will enjoy life through wisdom, stability, joy and experiencing light from God. Now that is a winning combination!

The righteous choices we make come from wisdom. The life of the righteous is a wise life that, by God’s wisdom, brings confidence, joy, justice, a sense of security, peace, harmony, and joy in the Lord!

The key to living from a place of Godly wisdom is to seek the One who is the source of wisdom. When we make our choices based on impulses, our desires, or what is considered the “norm,” without considering the wisdom that comes from Almighty God, we will follow a path that will lead to destruction. Righteous living ultimately wins because God’s wisdom is always right!

Author: Charlotte Evans


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