Love Experiment

June 24th, 2016

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1 Corinthians 13:1-13

Love is an action and empowerment word. If God is love and God is all powerful, the love that is from above is indeed all powerful, too. What does love do? It is critical component added to our works that gives them any life or power.

I recently helped my daughter with a school science experiment to see what happens with Mentos® and different sodas. In any experiment you need a control so we brought water along with our many drinks to test. Alone my Mentos® are just a small candy completely inert, but once this small element is surrounded and covered in the soda there are explosive results shooting out and pouring over.

Without love the best we have to offer lies dormant and lifeless, but once God fills us and covers us with His love the results should be just as powerful. You can’t drop a Mentos® in soda without a reaction, it will do it without fail. So it is with the love of God. We bring what we have to offer, and He will never fail to bring forth results.

Author: Mark Thielenhaus


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