Remember Who You Are

May 24th, 2016

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Proverbs 14:20-35

My father would always remind me as I was walking out the door of my childhood home, “Remember who you are.” What he was saying was that my actions and words would be associated with my family name. What I did and said out in public was to honorably represent myself and my family.

Showing honor to someone not only comes in the form of words, but through our actions. God calls us to be kind and show compassion to those who are in need. Ways of displaying these attributes can be uplifting words through a card, phone call, or email, by visiting the shut-ins or those in nursing facilities.

In Proverbs, the writer reminds us that when we say or do these things, we are honoring God. Do our words and our actions towards those in need represent the family of God?

Author: Amy M. Argot

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