Kingdom Culture

February 17th, 2016

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Mark 9:42-50

In the Netherlands, bread and cheese are eaten with a knife and fork. Almost everyone rides a bicycle. On your birthday, you work half a day, then go home to prepare refreshments for guests who will come. Everyone brings fresh flowers. It’s part of Dutch culture.

The differences between the world’s culture and the culture of the kingdom of God are enormous. Jesus taught His disciples to be servants, to include strangers. He gives a stern warning against causing a child or one weak in faith to stumble. He said to get rid of whatever causes us to sin, rather than miss the kingdom of God. Earlier, Jesus said that His people are the salt of the earth. He told them a second time that salt that loses its saltiness is useless.

Salt was a symbol of faithfulness. It is a preservative and a healing agent. Most of all, salt adds flavor, making food more appealing. God calls us to be salt in our world, to live by kingdom values. Then He will make the flavor and fragrance of our lives so winsome as to draw someone to Jesus.

Author: Juanita Nelting


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