Christ Our Goal

December 26th, 2015

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Ephesians 4:1-16

I like to watch television, and I love to watch documentaries, but it is hard for me to watch documentaries about Jesus. Most of the time, Jesus is presented as a revolutionary historical figure who championed a certain agenda. Whether it is social justice, personal piety, or religious reform, Jesus is portrayed as a hero-type figure who died for His noble cause. Without fail, at the conclusion of each documentary, I’m left with the impression that they completely missed what Jesus came to accomplish.

Jesus did not come to fix our problems, change our social condition, reform our religion, adjust our personal piety, inspire us, motivate us, challenge us, or gather to himself a group that would champion His noble causes. Considering all the theological aspects of our estrangement from God and the sin that has for so long defined humanity, Jesus came to bring us back into intimate fellowship with himself.

Jesus is our goal. He is our aim and our end.

Author: Jeremiah Bolich


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