Our Search Ends In Worship

December 25th, 2015

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Matthew 2:1-12

Worship can be understood in many ways. Perhaps, by a world looking at Christians and the churches they attend, worship appears to be a ritual that takes place weekly in a local building where people gather, sing songs, and give tributes to their God. It is true, these kinds of activities do take place, and we Christians would classify them as worship–but this is not the heart of our worship.

For the Christian, worship is an attitude of the heart. Our worship manifests in many outward practices and rituals, but to understand the heart of worship, one needs to look beyond the outward activities to the Christian’s identity. The outflow of worship from a Christian is as natural as rain from a storm cloud. It is unstoppable. It is unavoidable. Due to the indwelling richness of the Holy Spirit, the natural consequence is love, peace, joy, and worship.

For Christians, worship is not an isolated or stagnant event, but an ever-present reality that identifies them as children of God.

Author: Jeremiah Bolich



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