Life’s Marathon

June 12th, 2015

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Hebrews 12:1-13

Marathons are becoming a spiritual discipline for our church. Last year about 15 people ran the Chicago marathon to raise money for clean water wells in Africa. This year, about 20 are running. They train together for eight months, running for countless miles and hours, all so that little kids will not die of diarrhea and other preventable diseases.

In addition to the physical and mental demands, nearly all our runners describe this as a deeply spiritual experience. They are praying during those hours on the road. They are learning to live for others. They are building holistic endurance. They are learning to depend on God and each other.

They are also learning the importance of the simple discipline of looking up at the road ahead instead of looking down at their feet. Focusing on the destination ahead lifts their spirits and enables their bodies to continue.

Life is a marathon. It requires training if you want to run with perseverance. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus.

Author: Josh Broward


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