Looking for a Savior

November 21st, 2013

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Matthew 25:1-13

If we look, we will see God at work all around us. The tough part is making sure God is what we are looking for. There are so many things that fight for our attention. Deadlines to meet, schedules to keep, responsibilities, and commitments are a part of our lives. The question we need to ask ourselves is, “Do these things make up my whole life?” Just like we prepare ourselves to go on a trip, to start a new school year, or to have company over we must, daily, prepare our hearts to allow Jesus to shape us. What good is it for Jesus to return if we aren’t ready?

In the midst of what we are doing each and every day we need to be looking for how God is moving. Can you see God in the life of a child that is growing? Can you see God in the midst of your ordinary tasks? Can you find God’s fingerprint on your life, day after day? The more we look, the more we are changed. The more we are changed, the more ready we will be for His return.

Author: Olivia Metcalf


One Response to “Looking for a Savior”

  1. Barbara Says:

    November 22nd, 2013 at 11:44 pm

    The scripture reference is the parable to the “ten virgins.” By Jesus’ own explanation in Luke 8:10, parables are heard in lieu of the secrets to the kingdom of heaven. Now, parables can be heard literally, symbolically, or as any other figure of speech. Therefore, of course, the secret comes from the Holy Spirit.

    Knowing that anything other than the literal meaning would be strongly debatable, the conversion of the literal meaning over to a symbolic meaning utilizes the taught principle; whereas, a metaphoric meaning supports the ability to use in our daily walk with God. After all, wisdom “applies” knowledge.

    Metamorphic: The kingdom of heaven is like innocent children (virgins) studying (being ready) for a pop quiz (not knowing the time) of the administration of the test (arrival of the bridegroom). Those that pass are wise (fingers on the right hand); whereas, those that fail are the foolish (fingers on the left hand). Some students are vessels (jars of knowledge with saturated wicks) that shine as a lamp because they have a burning passion for learning; whereas, others are burnt out wicks. Both are in the teacher’s classroom (street) and both will fall asleep if the teacher teaches for too long of a time. However, when awaken; the wise will immediately start studying (in order that they may not fail ).

    *Innocent can equal forgiven and fingers can represent members of the body

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