A Timeless Message

November 13th, 2013

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Matthew 28:1-15

As believers in Christ, we have the security of knowing that everything in God’s Word is true. From Genesis to Revelation, each letter scribed was intentional and filled with purpose.

Take the New Testament, for example. Jesus walked on this earth for 33 years before He died and the Bible obviously does not record every waking moment of those 33 years. It does not document every single word that came out of His mouth during His time on earth. Yet some stories and verses are repeated throughout the different books.

The Bible is God’s message to His children. He knew exactly which verses we would need to be encouraged in our faith. Each word of hope, every reference of our need for repentance, each record of healing, is God’s direct communication with us.

We can take comfort in knowing that anytime the Word of God fills our minds, His truth is infiltrating us. The message it speaks is life altering. May it transform us to be more like the One who created us.

Author: Kirsten Rose

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