Step Up to the Plate

September 20th, 2013

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Romans 1:8-17

“Will this rain ever stop?” We were experiencing the rainy season in Sri Lanka. On that early morning in December we made our way to a children’s home. The rain showed no signs of letting up. In my heart I felt at one with the darkness and rain. We had arrived in Sri Lanka only a month earlier and I really felt out of my element.

We would be at the home soon and then the Christmas festivities were to begin. This building was home to nearly 100 children, mostly Hindus. The time soon arrived when the Christmas story was to be given. “Whose birthday is this anyhow?” I thought. My fear and trepidation took flight when the story of Jesus was turned over to God!

The gospel was presented with compassion. The speaker did not view the children as Hindus, but as special children loved by a Savior who gave His life for them. In this way the gospel went forth that rainy day in Sri Lanka with the power of God.

Where do we find ourselves? Are we in a strange place? Maybe so, but remember Paul who fearlessly proclaimed “for I am not ashamed . . .”

Author: Joyce Anderson

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