Friend or Foe?

October 6th, 2012

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Job 8:1-7, 20-22

Bildad is not Job’s most polite friend. In fact, he’s fairly judgmental suggesting that Job suffers because of the sin of his own children. Not a very good friend is he? Bildad’s advice to Job is to admit his guilt and throw himself upon the mercy of God. The implication is that if Job behaves himself, God will return him the favor of blessing (vv. 5-7).

Not very good advice is it? After all, who of us deserves God’s blessing, no matter how hard we work for it or how good we’ve been? In reality, God treats us more fairly than we ought to be treated.

In spite of his bad advice Bildad does make a good point in chapter 8, verse 21. While we can never earn God’s blessing, we should be content to know that God is always looking out for our best. And God, who does not hand out blessings based on our performance, will indeed, in his time bless us. In spite of difficult days, laughter will return and joy will tumble out of our mouths.


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