Job, Pay Attention

October 5th, 2012

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Job 4:1-8

Job has been through many dreadful, undeserved, life-impacting experiences. When all of this started happening, Job worshiped God. Then the circumstances, as they often do, overwhelm him, and Job, like so many of us, takes the human road. He curses the day he was born. Is that wrong? Yes. Is it fairly typical? Probably.

Job pities himself, and he needs to stop. Job’s friend speaks up. He reminds Job that he has been the one to encourage others. He has been the one to help others stay the course. But, for the moment, Job is bending under the load of affliction. Who could blame him?

Thankfully, this friend also reminds Job that he can reclaim his confidence if he will remember that his trust, his steadfast spirit is not in himself or all that is happening to him. Job has been faithful and he should continue to be faithful. Everything may be lost, but Job is not, nor will he be lost if he places his hope in God’s hands.

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