A Holy Shake-Up

July 7th, 2012

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1 Samuel 14:15-23

One night during a visit to Los Angeles, I was shaken from my sleep by the floor rocking violently. While it was a frightening experience, I’m sure that it was nothing like the earthquake that made the mighty Philistine militia whimper like puppies!

Verse 15 literally says that the Philistines experienced “a trembling of God.” In that moment, they suddenly realized that they were dealing with something far greater than they could handle. During that earthquake, both the Lord’s friends and his enemies caught a renewed glimpse of his awesome power. This God was not someone to mess around with!

Sometimes it takes a holy shake-up to rouse us from our spiritual slumber and restore a sense of godly fear. That divine trembling is a disruption of the comfortable status quo. It can come through a natural phenomenon. Or an economic crisis.

May we stand with trembling before you again!

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