Resting Or Risking?

July 6th, 2012

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1 Samuel 13:16—14:14

It’s a tale of two leaders. One is King Saul. While the Philistine threat grows, he takes the path of safety. He rests under a fruit tree (v. 2), shielded by 600 soldiers, hoping that the crisis will one day pass. The other leader is Saul’s son Jonathan. He, along with his armor-bearer, takes the path of risk. They would rather scale the cliff and face personal danger than accept the status quo.

It’s a tale of two Christians. One faces crisis by hiding under the covers, lamenting the state of the world, and waiting for the Lord to return and snatch him away. The other believer responds to the same challenge by climbing out of bed, praying for strength, and marching into the difficulty head-on. What makes the difference? It’s arming ourselves with Jonathan-like faith. If we are pursuing God’s agenda, the odds are always in our favor!

The challenges are great. The enemy is real. But the promise remains.

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