June 29th, 2012

RG AUDIO 0629121 Samuel 10:1-7

Saul went from hunting for transportation, to being anointed with oil, only to discover he was being chosen to reign over the people of Israel and deliver them from their enemies. No small task was God asking of him. God did not ask him to go from peasant to prince on his own. During an encounter with a group of prophets the Spirit of God came upon him and he was transformed.

I first met Kathryn when she was in a small-group meeting sharing her life story, including the loss of her husband and difficult family relationships. It was apparent that she wanted to know Christ more fully. As she progressed through the Living in the Power of the Spirit class she fully surrendered to the power and presence of the Spirit in her life. Since then she has been through some very difficult storms that would have defeated many people. God has delivered her to be a radiant warrior.

The Holy Spirit is still available to the Sauls and Kathryns of this world.

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