Kids ‘R Us

March 8th, 2012

RG AUDIO 030812Mark 10:13-16

Childlike faith can be defined as the ultimate place of worship and trust. It believes whole-heartedly that we are safe in the arms of our Maker. It is a position of smallness before our Lord, knowing he is bigger than we. He is our hero and will do whatever it takes to carry us through life.

A child does not worry about their next meal. They are carefree, knowing their needs will be met. Children can go about their days taking in the beauty of creation; the purity of mind, body and soul. This is a part of us that we should never lose. It enables us to maintain a life of humility and enthusiasm.

Jesus invited the children to come to him. He enjoyed their light-hearted spirit. He wanted people to look at him as they did, to trust him with childlike faith. We do not have to understand all God’s ways. We should look up to him as the King of all Kings, trusting his guidance and love, knowing he provides everything we need at just the right moment.

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