No One More Busy

January 29th, 2012

RG AUDIO 012912Psalm 72:8-20

“Are you busy?” That is a question we are often asked. No matter how busy we may be, no human, as far as I know, was busier than the king written about in Psalm 72.  The words “he will” are found together eight times in the psalm. Among those “he will” statements are some big things!

The first thing the king will do is “judge” his people (v. 2). The next seven things include “defend,” “endure,” “be like rain,” “rule,” “deliver,” “take pity,” and finally “rescue” (vv. 4-14). What a job description! I get tired just thinking about it. No one was busier than this king, and no one was more worthy of honor (vv. 9-11).

God has no need to acquire wealth or make a name. In all my doing I need to remember to praise and honor God’s glorious name forever. Not only for what he has done, and for what he is going to do, but for who he is. Even a busy king found time to remember that.

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