He Will Last Forever

January 28th, 2012

RG AUDIO 012812Psalm 72:1-7

Have you ever wondered who God is, and what he is really like? Does he really love us? Though I have been a Christian for years, I still ask such questions about God. Maybe you’re the same. That is why I love Psalm 72. In this psalm we learn about God through the example of a just and righteous king. The Lord God rules, protects, and nourishes his people and a godly ruler does the same. Through this example we learn more about God.

How long do you think the sun and the moon have existed? How long do you think they will continue to exist? No matter the answer, God has always been and will continue to be. When the sun and moon have gone away he will still be the Lord God. He has no beginning and no end. The Lord and his kingdom will endure!

God’s dominion will last forever! When we asked God to forgive our sin and make us a part of his family, he did, and we will live eternally.


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