What is Your Destiny?

January 22nd, 2012

RG AUDIO 012212Psalm 49:12-20

Psalm 49 the destinies of the wicked and the righteous are vividly stated. The wicked man has no hope beyond this life, but the righteous man will be resurrected to eternal life. Verse 15 stands in sharp contrast to the preceding verses and affirms the psalmist’s unshakable conviction of redemption beyond the grave.

No amount of money can buy life. It is a temporary condition. Just like animals that die, even the wealthy must perish (v. 12). While those wealthy persons who rely on their money will perish, those who trust in the Lord will be “taken” to him when they die. In these verses we see the foolishness of thinking that anyone can do wrong and get away with it. No one can escape the judgment of God. There is coming a day when all persons shall give an account.

Is your life a temporary distraction or a preparation for the long term? How valuable is your soul? Do you know where its destiny lies?

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