Pride & Praises

December 8th, 2011

RG AUDIO 120811Matthew 3:1-12

Three friends—the duck, the goose, and the frog—loved to play in the pond. Summer came and the pond dried up. They thought of migrating, but there was a problem—the frog couldn’t fly. The two didn’t want to leave without him, so they decided to put a stick between their beaks and asked the frog to bite into it. When a farmer saw them flying, he was amazed and said, “I wonder whose idea that was?” Without careful thought, the frog responded, “I did!”

People were curious about John. They were fascinated by his actions and powerful message about Jesus. John could have been very proud of himself. But unlike the people of his day, he wasn’t craving for praise. His concern was to direct people to God.

There is no other way to a productive life than giving Jesus first place. Known or unknown, big or small, we see ourselves as ones pointing to Jesus.


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