Unchanging Joy

November 24th, 2011


Psalm 95

Circumstances can bring happiness, to a degree and for a time. “Extra” money, that long-awaited vacation, a new purchase, or an improvement on our job can lift our spirits temporarily. But our situation changes, or we change, or another problem takes center stage, and happiness based on circumstances quickly evaporates.

Find joy in what does not change: God’s continual, personal presence with you; his loving purposes in your life; his promises to complete, finally and forever, the salvation he has begun in you; his generous provision for every need that will ever come your way; your unfailing security in him. Find joy in what your Father has done and is doing for you in Jesus Christ. Find your joy in him.

How can you remind yourself of your unchanging joy in Christ? Sing! Pray. Form the habit of thanking God every time he blesses you, even with the smallest blessings of daily life. Your joy will be a thanksgiving to God and a witness to everyone around you.

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