Pure Words from an Impure Woman

November 3rd, 2011

RG AUDIO 1103Joshua 2:1-11

The two spies Joshua sent into Jericho went to the house Rahab. She hid them from the king and aided them on their mission and escape.


No doubt Rahab had encountered many men in her life, but these spies were different. None of the other men cared about her nor she about them. Her concern for the spies, however, and them for her is clear. Our verses give us insight about Rahab. Somehow, despite her profession and her life, she knew who God was and what he had done in bringing his people out of Egypt. Possibly some of her customers had been battlefield witnesses to God’s mighty hand. The realization that God was behind these feats generated fear in Jericho’s residents, melted their hearts, and drained every man’s courage and spirit. Jericho was ready to be conquered. The spies learned what they’d come to find out.


Rahab’s final conclusion is in our verse, “. . . the Lord your God, he is God” Have you arrived at the same conclusion as well? Until you do, your life will be marked with fear and trembling over spiritual matters. When you confess this truth, your life will never be the same.


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