Believing Is Seeing

October 31st, 2011

RG103111Deuteronomy 34

Moses was 120 years old the day he climbed the 4,000 foot peak of Mount Nebo for a meeting with God. On that crystal clear day, God showed Moses the boundaries of an incredible expanse of real estate, a land he had promised to his people many years before. Until that day, the land was just a promise, now Moses saw the land to which he had been leading God’s people for many years.

Moses’ heart was likely heavy knowing it was his hasty temper keeping him from going on into the Land of Promise. Yet, here he stood with the Lord of Hosts listening again to the promise of a land for his people and looking at the object of the promise.

Even though he never saw God fully, Moses always believed him. He knew from long experience that God kept his promises. His word was always true and completely reliable.

Nothing has changed. When we believe him, we will then truly see him.


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