On Being Owned

October 18th, 2011

RG101811Leviticus 18:1-5, 24-30

In her 1966 book, Purity and Danger,* social anthropologist Mary Douglas examined the dietary laws in the book of Leviticus, searching for a clue to unlock the dizzying array of instructions regarding food. Her quest was unsatisfying and 40 years later she admitted ruefully, “I didn’t get it: I still don’t get it.”

The explanation is not in the details, it is in the principle that God plans for his people to be constantly aware of the One to whom they belong. What better daily reminder than in matters of food? In the dietary laws God simply said, “Think of me every time you eat; be reminded that I created you, I chose you and I am committed to sustaining you. Your life is in me”

As Christians we are reminded of his ownership in different ways: We belong to him!


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