Precious Manna and Quail

September 25th, 2011


Exodus 16:9-18

It’s just like our God. Even with all the grumbling, he still provided their needs. He began sending manna and quail daily. Each one had just what they needed.

Sean Cox reported in Reader’s Digest a special moment in his life. As a child, he could always depend on his dad to put life’s disappointments into perspective. Many years later, he was devastated by one tragedy after another. Feeling hopeless he spent his last $300 to travel to Florida to see his dad.

On the final evening of the visit, Sean couldn’t control his bitterness any longer. He blurted out, “You know, Dad, if we took all the great moments we experience in our lifetime and put them back-to-back, they wouldn’t last 20 minutes.” His dad responded with “Precious, aren’t they.”

Your attitude makes all the difference. People who go through life grasping for everything they can get, often feel life has short-changed them. It’s your choice.


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