Dress To Impress

August 18th, 2011

RG AUDIO 081811Romans 13:8-14

Let’s see. Today Sharon will wear her leather jacket with her leather boots and carry her Coach purse. She will look pretty cool!

The apostle Paul, however, tells us to clothe ourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ. Would Jesus wear leather boots, a leather jacket, and carry a Coach purse? Fashion prescribes the way we dress. We dress to impress. After all, we want to be accepted.

So how can I dress myself with the Lord Jesus Christ? Does it have to do with my attitude? Am I trying to make a statement? Is it all about me?

The Word challenges me to not gratify the desires of the sinful nature. Do I focus on my sensual desires and think about giving in to the sinful nature? Who am I trying to impress and for what reasons? Has self been indulged to the point that I no longer recognize my sin anymore?

I choose to clothe myself with the Lord Jesus.


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