Trust and Obey

August 17th, 2011

RG AUDIO 081711Romans 13:1-7

During their first year of ministry Jerry and Toni joined several thousand followers of Christ to attend a Bill Gothard Youth Seminar. One of the sessions dealt with how to submit to authority as a Christian. They studied the life lessons of Joseph and Daniel as examples of God-followers who held positions in pagan governments. Both men won the respect of those in authority over them.

Daniel prayed three times every day. Praying for those in authority is our first step. When Daniel was told to eat the defiling king’s food, he did not rebel against the order but asked that the guard would serve simple food for 10 days and then examine them (Dan. 1:12-13). So, perhaps, seeking creative alternatives is our second step.

Neither Daniel nor Joseph gave in to anger against their pagan authorities. To work under authority, I must believe that God is greater than that authority. My ultimate trust is in God!


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