Planning For Eternity

July 16th, 2011

RG AUDIO 071611

Revelation 20:1-15

It’s interesting how much time and care most people put into planning their vacation. Nothing is left to chance. If they travel by car, the car is serviced. If not, they may work with a travel agent. Reservations are made far in advance and then confirmed. Schedules are checked and double checked. Lists are made so nothing is forgotten. Maps are studied. All this for something that may last only a week or two weeks.

What is especially interesting is how many of those same people put no plans at all for their death. Yet eternity is forever. When it comes to death and eternity many people just assume it will all work out. Some persons, of course, believe there is no such thing as life beyond death. But most people believe just the opposite. They believe life continues, but they give it little if any thought. The Bible labels as fortunate those participating in the first resurrection. Is that speaking about you? It doesn’t just happen by chance.


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