The Whole Picture

June 26th, 2011

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Romans 11:13-24

Recently, I was able to see two former youth group students who are now serving in youth ministry. We went to their house and looked at photographs that lined the walls. We found pictures of their wedding, family outings–the documentation of their lives together. But those pictures were only a glimpse of their lives.

I think we do this with God. We take a singular emotion or incident and declare, “This is what God is like!” When we’ve made a mess of things, we might see God as an angry father who is ready to punish. Some see God as the grandfather who never gets angry and never punishes you for eating candy before dinner. Both approaches to God are mistaken because these are only snapshots of God’s character; they not the whole picture of who he is. It’s true he is gentle and loving, but it’s also true that he is a jealous God, and holds the power to judge.

Try to see the whole picture of God by experiencing him today.


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