Messy People

June 25th, 2011

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Romans 11:1-12

Recently, I attended a funeral of my friend’s father. As the man was eulogized, his life’s story unfolded. It was a beautiful story of a hardened man softened by the grace of God. His life was transformed. One statement the pastor made stuck in my mind: “God specializes in sinners!” In that moment, in my head of course, I added, “It’s Christians that have trouble with them!”

Isn’t it true? In our passion for the holy life, sometimes we forget what our own struggles were like before the Spirit of God took up residence in our hearts. Many times our impatience with nonbelievers can turn seeking hearts away. The passage in Micah asks the question; do you know anyone that has the power to wipe the “sin slate” clean? Even though the answer to that question is obvious, still we behave as though it’s up to us to decide for others.

As disciples of Christ we are called to leave the “righting of wrongs” to God. Would you extend grace to someone today?

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