Persistent Love

May 3rd, 2011

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Luke 5:17-26

Friends are a wonderful part of life. They listen to our joys and sorrows, share moments of fun, and are there when we marry, have a child, or lose a parent. They can also be very pushy–spurring us on when we want to hold back, challenging us to be true to our values and to be our best.

A Christian friend will lead us to Jesus in all circumstances. They will pray for and with us, remind us that he is the answer to all of life, and encourage us in our faith. Their faith sometimes carries us through the difficult moments.

Many souls have been won to the kingdom by the persistent prayers of others. Jesus responded to the visible expression of faith by friends in Luke 5. His actions gave the man much more than he was seeking. He was liberated from his physical paralysis and from the sin that kept him from God.

We must therefore examine our own lives and ask ourselves: How committed are we in exercising faith on behalf of our friends and family?


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