First Love

May 2nd, 2011

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Luke 5:1-11

Do you remember those first few days of falling in love? You didn’t really know the person, but he or she made your heart do a flip-flop, and you knew something special was happening.

Simon Peter probably experienced this same feeling when Jesus got into his boat and used it as a platform for teaching. It was not the first time Simon had encountered Jesus. He had heard about him from his brother Andrew and had even talked briefly to Jesus. This time, however, the encounter was personal, as was Simon’s response.

Personal encounters with Jesus Christ always evoke a strong emotional response. No one can remain neutral. Either we harden our hearts and hold him at bay or we willingly open our hearts and life to his love.

His love captures our hearts, and we go from those first few patters of the heart to a life-changing commitment of love and obedience.

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