Coming To A Town Near You

March 9th, 2011


Luke 4:31-44

We’d like to keep Jesus close. If we need the Lord, we prefer that he is hanging out, waiting for us to call, in the vicinity. Following the story of Jesus’ return to his hometown village of Nazareth, Jesus declares that he was meant to be on the move from city to city.

I’ve known traveling evangelists. Most were wonderful preachers who ate odd food, slept in uncomfortable beds, and traveled long miles–all for the privilege of preaching Jesus to people as settled in their ways as they were in their towns. I wonder how many times they had a really good revival and wished to just settle down and stay with those good folk.

Jesus refused to be owned, co-opted, boxed-in, or limited by any city, people, or place. Which means that the gospel radically belongs to everyone, everywhere. He’s coming to a town near you. Maybe he’s already there.

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