Hometown Hero

March 8th, 2011


Luke 4:14-30

A hero usually returns home to a parade, a key to the city, and a street named in his or her honor. Jesus was asked to speak in the synagogue on Sabbath. Having heard about the healings, the miracles, and the massive crowds hanging on his every word, the hometown folk expected a little of the same. They were ripe for being impressed. The exact opposite happened.

In his sermon from the scroll of Isaiah, Jesus declared that messianic promises were being fulfilled on the spot. Had he stopped there, he would have been fine. They would have congratulated him at the door on a fine sermon. However, Jesus went on to declare that the kingdom of God was meant for a wider audience than the hometown folk, or even neighboring Jews.

We love it when Jesus comes preaching what we want to hear. However, when he starts loving the pagans around us, that may be more than we can tolerate.

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