Making Peace With God

January 10th, 2011


Romans 5:1-11

When wondering if the baseball field in the movie “Field of Dreams” will be used, one of the characters states, “They will come, and pass over their money without a second thought, for money they have; it is peace they lack.” Peace is what people often want most.

We usually concentrate on the legal and theological aspects of justification: being made right with God and restoring the relationship claimed by faith. God opened the way back to him since we cannot do it for ourselves by our reason, logic, or will.

We can have “peace with God.” We are obsessed with peace. We want children to play nice and expect feuding nations to do the same. We also want peace for ourselves, as simply as getting a good night’s sleep, knowing that the past is forgiven, the present has purpose, and the future has promise. We have that peace from God when we make peace with God and stop fighting him.

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