A New Start

January 1st, 2011


Isaiah 35

Isaiah’s prophesies were inside a period of around 40 years. In this amazing book, the coming of Jesus was foretold (7:14; 9:6; 11:2). In chapter 35, it speaks of a period of time when there will be restoration and peace. Many theologians believe this to be a prophecy of the reign of Christ on earth in what is known as the millennium. It is a picture of a new beginning.

Today on this first day of a new year, we have a new beginning as far as the calendar is concerned. Right from the day we accepted Jesus as Lord, it was a complete new start. The old has gone; the new life in Jesus begun. But it doesn’t end there. It goes on and on.

I look back to the beginning of the new millennium. There was a marvelous fireworks display from the city hall. However, it is even going to be better when Jesus sets up his millennial kingdom. A new start for his church.

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