A Unique Aroma

December 30th, 2010


Colossians 1:12-27

Samuel Rutherford was imprisoned for his faith in Aberdeen, Scotland 300 years ago. When he was being persecuted for his faith, he wrote his famous “Letters.” In one of these, he ended with this particular sentence, “Jesus Christ came into my cell last night, and every stone in it glowed like a ruby.”

Jesus’ presence is illuminating, transforming, and encouraging. He is pure and holy. He is unique because he is Son of God. There is something dramatic about the person, a charisma that can never be imitated, a magnetic draw that compels us to come to him. It was true during his earthly ministry, and remains true today.

A number of us were gathered around the altar for a half-night of prayer. Having exhausted ourselves praying, a stillness came over us. The pastor explained that Jesus had passed through the meeting with his presence.

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