In Due Time

October 16th, 2010


Genesis 40:16-23

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we set God’s calendar? We would be spared the countless nights of prayer, asking God to deal with the myriad of issues we fret over. “God, if you could solve this by Tuesday, I won’t have to worry.”

It takes grace-filled patience to wait on God and embrace His timing. Joseph does just that when he interprets these dreams. The resolution of his unjust treatment won’t be solved today, but he still embraces what God is doing. The cupbearer forgets Joseph, but God doesn’t.

Joseph teaches us two very important lessons about waiting on God. First, God brings people into our lives to deliver His blessing. When we embrace those relationships, God opens doors. Second, people can’t mess up God’s plan for our lives. We are tempted to blame others for the things that don’t seem to be working out. However, even when people disregard our needs, God is working toward our salvation.

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