Instructions for Life

August 1st, 2010


In a busy retailer’s parking lot, I watched as a young boy raced toward the store ahead of his mother. Just as he reached the heavily traveled lane near the entrance, he stopped and carefully looked both ways. Leaning out slightly for a better view, he gave his full attention to the traffic dangers he had been warned about. The boy had obviously received instruction and taken it to heart. Children are not born with that kind of understanding. Caring parents make every effort to instill fundamentals of safety. In the same way, Moses directed the people to teach God’s laws to their children.

Like “stop and look both ways,” God’s directives are intended to help us avoid disaster. However, they are not only a hedge to safeguard against harm. There is also a positive side. God has ordained blessings toward those who live according to His law. Teach your children God’s laws that they may give them full attention and take them to heart.

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