Divine Enablement

July 31st, 2010


Writing to the Corinth church, Paul surely had in mind the Old Testament prophets. Both Jeremiah and Ezekiel foretold a new day when hearts would be radically changed. That day arrived with a new covenant sealed by the coming of the Holy Spirit.

What the letter of the Law could not bring about–changed hearts–the Spirit is sufficient to complete. What those living under law were not able to do–live up to the righteous standards of God–the Spirit now enables. It is literally a conversion from death to life.

I cannot by my best efforts live up to the righteous standard of the Law. I stand condemned by the very Law I seek to honor. Nevertheless, the Spirit enables and makes me sufficient for the task. Therefore, in being released, set free from condemnation, and being Spirit-empowered, I have been given life!

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