Too Comfortable

July 7th, 2010


“Churches grow in direct proportion to the congregation’s willingness to be uncomfortable!”

In a few words, Dr. John Vaughan defines the challenge of today’s church. Some had enough of the desert. Canaan was in clear sight, but they didn’t want to go. Comfort and security were their primary goals. The tribal leaders stood gazing on rich, grassy land for their cattle, and it was good enough.

Eighty percent of Protestant churches in the United States and Canada are flat-lined or declining. Comfort is the number one enemy of church health and effectiveness. Like these tribes, in our desire for ease, we sometimes lose sight of the goal: reaching and discipling hurting and broken people.

God’s Spirit succeeded in shaking the Israelites free of their complacency. In a surprising about-face, they responded, count us in. Thank the Lord, He is still speaking, and His Church is listening.

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