Gospel Power

June 14th, 2010


Paul was no spiritual “wimp”. Note his boldness: “obligated”, “eager”, “not ashamed”. It was because the gospel contained such amazing power.

Roy and Doris became present-day demonstrations of this power. Roy spent most of his life as an antagonistic. Yet, he was, by most counts, successful with a Harvard Ph.D. and position as an accounting professor.

When friends visited their home and shared the gospel, they were intrigued. One visitor described forgiveness in Isaiah 53:6, “The LORD has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.” He explained, “Roy, Doris, what happens to my sins? They’re all laid on Christ. I’m forgiven and free.” Roy and Doris fell on their knees at the white sofa, wept tears into it, turned from sin, and opened hearts to Christ. They grew, displayed a righteousness received from God, and became leaders in the church.

When asked, “What was the great truth shared that convinced you?” Roy said, “Jesus died for me!”

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