His Will, Our Mission

June 5th, 2010


It was an evangelistic invasion. Six dozen or so going two-by-two, preparing the way by announcing, “The kingdom of God is near you”.

Sometimes they would be welcome; other times they would not. In the face of opposition, they were to faithfully proclaim, wipe the dust off their feet, and move on.

A retired minister loved to go visiting door-to-door. “I love to tell people how they can be happy,” he would say. When given the opportunity, he would share with them about Jesus. He took every opportunity to tell his story, about how Jesus had made him happy with the gift of salvation. The joy of the Lord flashed in his eyes and his smile. If they would not listen, he simply moved on. There was always another door.

The power of the enemy is overcome when God’s people fearlessly proclaim the good news about Jesus. It is not about us; it is about Him.

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