Have a Family

May 7th, 2010


“Brother Saul.” Ananias was the first Christian to call the former persecutor “brother.” Hearing that word, Saul knew that the Church is a family, and he was included in the family circle.

He had brothers and sisters to stand beside him as human symbols of the love and power of Jesus. They would pray for him, give to him, hear from him, and rejoice in every mission he conducted for their common Lord. He would enjoy family reunions, meeting with his brothers and sisters to report his missionary adventures. That’s why we have worship services: We gather to honor our Father and to rejoice in what He is doing in, with, and through all of our lives.

The psalmist said, “God sets the lonely in families”. Everyone needs to belong, to be part of a family and a community. That need is best met in the fellowship of those forgiven and re-routed by the Savior. In the family, “the tie that binds” is blood. Not performance. Not achievement. Not success. Just blood. Saved by Jesus’ blood. Bonded by His blood. We are family!

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