Never Quit

May 2nd, 2010


They had been warned with jail time and beatings. Nothing stopped these eyewitnesses of resurrection. Something had happened to them. It was something so transformational that nothing could get in the way of sharing the Good News.

Now that’s the way to grow a church! Immerse people in eyewitness accounts of the power of the Resurrection. Tell them that no matter what anybody does or says, the One who passed through death for them will be on their side. This was not a “Come to my church” invitation. Their message was simply, “Come to the One who transformed my life.” The Sanhedrin could stop the messengers, but they couldn’t stop the message. This was a message that had death-defying life because of Jesus’ resurrection. No one had ever stood up to that kind of message. No one ever will.

We need to make sure that we have witnessed the result of resurrection power working in us. Then, we need to join the people who never stop talking about fresh, life-changing encounters with the living Christ.

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