May 1st, 2010


It was unstoppable, a wall of water that surged and devoured land and people in the 2004 tsunami. The implosion of the Twin Towers was also unstoppable as soon as fire and explosions melted key supporting structures. And what God is doing in His people is unstoppable. So, why do we except the power of unstoppable destruction before we embrace the unstoppable power of God working in His people?

What about us? By whose power do we live? Perhaps one of the measurements we should use to answer the question is unstoppability. This isn’t about human endurance or unrelenting motivation. This is about the power of God that created the world and raised Jesus from the dead. Unstoppable power. His power resurrects marriages, restores relationships, heals damaged emotions. What would happen if we lived by that power? Let’s find out!

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